You can apply for membership in two steps:

1. Deposit or transfer the money to the TELLSI bank account mentioned below.

2. Fill in the online membership application form here.

Fee for Faculty members, Doctoral Students: 400/000 Rials

For MA Students, MA Holders: 300/000 Rials

For BA Holders, BA Students: 250/000 Rials

Please deposit the fee in Tejarat Bank (Tejarat Modares University Branch; Code 1433) using the account number : 78861 under the name of Teaching English Language and Literature Society of Iran.or you can transfer the money to card no. (6273.5310.3018.2459)

Please note: Membership covers journal Subscription, Membership and expenses and registration discount in conferences supervised by TELLSI.

If you prefer to receive your membership card via post please deposit 30/000 Rials . To receive the issues of journal via mail service, please add 40/000 Rials for each number, as well. Otherwise u may refer to office in person and receive the card and issues.